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Charlotte O’Sullivan Frustrates With Hurried, Haphazard “Escape Plan”

In response to Charlotte O'Sullivan’s 276‑word review of Escape Plan on This is London

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Charlotte O’Sullivan clearly has the chops to offer something more, but readers are left with a cursory critique in “Escape Plan—film review.”  

Perhaps a writer of her caliber can be forgiven for getting bored reviewing a film she may see as beneath her, but, while the subject matter may not be the stuff dreams are made of, O’Sullivan has an obligation to give more than the perfunctory and she’s failed here.

O’Sullivan devotes a healthy chunk of review space to evaluating Sylvester Stallone’s geriatric body (which O’Sullivan seems to think is the sole story here) whose “droopy eyes alone are recognisable.” Hilarious, but it doesn’t help suss out the merits of the film and threatens to detract when it takes up a quarter of the review.

She’s a mixed media artist to be sure, throwing her criticism, recap, and requisite gibes together in a loose structure. That’s not necessarily a bad thing and works like a charm in most cases, but here it feels like disarray. This smacks of a weary critic looking to get off easy with a softball film, taking a “no one will care” attitude and it’s a shame because O’Sullivan is capable of so much more.    

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