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Guy Lodge’s “Virtual Reality” Is a Work for the Thinking Man

In response to Guy Lodge’s 1232‑word review of Ender’s Game on HitFix

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In a world full of frightening, average reviews, it’s refreshing to come across a thoughtful and deep critique, which is typically found in the work of Guy Lodge.

The critic’s latest brilliant piece of art, “Review: Virtual reality gets complicated for Harrison Ford and Asa Butterfield in smart, solemn Ender’s Game,” is a work for the thinking man, and an updated version of Rodin’s “The Thinker“may be in the works simply to honor Lodge.

Understand that Virtual Reality is over one-thousand words and embrace this fact. Lengthy reviews often get the shaft simply because of their size, and readers sometime seek out a more convenient five-hundred word review, which are usually devastatingly bad.

Lodge addresses the controversy of the film (Orson Scott Card’s personal views) at the beginning of Virtual Reality, and delivers a fascinating argument about why the film should be taken seriously. One may gently rest their chin on their hand and prepare for their mind to be blown.

Virtual Reality delivers the goods with deep critique on the lead performance of Asa Butterfield and direction of  Gavin Hood. Lodge consistently offers ideas for one to contemplate, and investigates the intricacies of the plot like only the great critics do. One may be moved by the idea that the film may be “too idea-driven.”

Guy Lodge obviously takes great pride in his work, and his dedication in Virtual Reality will surely not be lost on the reader. The majority of the critique focuses on the plot and performances, but the critic also makes sure to tackle the visual effects and production design. It’s a complete review that looks beyond the basics, and gets one excited about film criticism.

Guy Lodge’s Virtual Reality is essential reading.    

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