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Smithey’s “Dumb Ass: The Sequel” Proves to Be a Hard-Hitter

In response to Cole Smithey’s 616‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on

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Cole Smithey’s “Dumb Ass: The Sequel: Deceased Fanboy Culture Jumps the Shark—Again” is not for the faint of heart. This review is hard-hitting… from the title to the very last sentence. Smithey goes on the attack and never stops to take a break.

Throughout his 616 word rant, there isn’t one spoiler to be found, which is always something the reader can appreciate no matter which side the reviewer takes in his piece.

Smithey’s grasp of the English language is complete. He uses phrases that just jump off the page and really punch the reader in the face with imagery. Comparing parts of the film to mixing cucumbers and rocks in a blender is a an accomplishment in and of itself.

He touches base on the overall plot and message of the film while digging deeper with an intelligent, almost scientific approach. Smithey has brought in the element of logic to the opinion-based game of reviews.

The self-proclaimed “smartest critic in the world” stands his ground. He’s consistently sarcastic and once he finds his target, he never lets up.

As far as images goes, he doesn’t utilize anything more than the movie poster image here. In fact, there are more pictures of him on this page. Let’s face it… all reviewers have a touch of narcissism to them—Smithey doesn’t bother to hide it and it works well with his snarky tone.    

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