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Curtis Woloschuk Shoots, Scores With “Ender’s Game”

In response to Curtis Woloschuk’s 462‑word review of Ender’s Game on Willamette Week

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Curtis Woloschuk’s “Game On: Ender’s Game Reviewed” is a taut piece of criticism with a considerable amount of charm.

Game On opens with the now requisite reference to Orson Scott Card’s political views (which, again, is hardly relevant to the work at hand) but, to his credit, Woloschuk resists the urge to use it to jump on his high horse or bash the film.

He rightly separates the two, leaving the politics behind to praise the film for being that “rarest of cinematic offerings: a young adult film that refuses to be easily dismissed.” Harrison Ford and Ben Kingsley are given kudos for their turns, but Asa Butterfield carries the film, displaying a “remarkable aptitude for portraying isolated characters.”

The critiques are relatively original and well argued and, while he may not hit every customary subject, there’s enough depth to what he does cover to make this feel substantial.

The writing here is fantastic and Woloschuk’s witty sensibility makes the whole piece sing. There are a couple of well-placed zingers that lift the mood when dullness threatens to set in, but that’s not what makes this work so well. It’s a mastery of that breezy, but still businesslike tone that really set his work apart here.    

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