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David Keyes Delves Into the World of Asgard

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Reviewer David Keyes writes of the stirring visuals provided in Thor: The Dark World, noting that the Utopian realm of Asgard is so surreal it only fits that immortals dwell there. As with other fantastical worlds that appear in our dreams and books of myth, Keyes’ description of Asgard is appealing even to those who don’t read comic books.  

Delving into Jane Foster’s (Natalie Portman) role in the second installment, Keyes also touches on a few major plot points, but mainly focuses on visuals, villains and Portman’s lack of synchronicity with her material. His favorites appear to be the villains of the piece, as he marvels at the actors’ abilities to emote despite layers of fiendish elf makeup.  

Keyes is highly effective using words to paint a lavish visual of this Marvel Comic universe, with his sentences almost as beautiful as the scenes he describes.

A review well worth reading for the writing if nothing else, Keyes branches out from the traditional movie review and discusses the many aspects that make up the film, from the actors to the special effects to the production design. His words flow in such a way it’s near impossible for the reader not to be lulled into a dreamlike state that involves finding out the local theater’s next available movie time.     

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