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Anders Wright Gets Cooking With “Out of the Furnace”

In response to Anders Wright’s 770‑word review of Out of the Furnace on San Diego Union-Tribune

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Anders Wright’s “Revenge served lukewarm in ‘Furnace’” follows the prototypical modern review recipe:

First, open with an engaging premise and offer a bit of criticism. Wright gives the back story of director Scott Cooper’s rise to fame and his dark horse Oscar contender from a few years back, Crazy Heart, using that film to launch into a bit of comparative critique that works well if you’ve seen the previous film.

Second, add just a dash of plot summary. Too much or too little will spoil the whole thing. Wright avoids this beautifully, giving just enough to support his claims and give readers a rundown, but not so much that it becomes unwieldy.

Third—and this is the make or break part—add gobs of thoughtful, incisive critique and stir vigorously. This Wright has done admirably, positing well thought out criticisms of the film, the direction, and the acting. Be forewarned, though; there are a few lines here that may qualify as spoilers depending on your sensitivity.

Lastly, top it all off with witty closing line that at least vaguely references the title of the film in an ironic and/or fun way. Check.

Like a hearty steel mill worker, Wright’s piece just gets it done.    

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