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Kevin Carr’s “Review Gravity” Informs and Bores

In response to Kevin Carr’s 645‑word review of Gravity on 7M Pictures

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The writing of Kevin Carr in “‘Gravity’ Movie Review” is interesting, however the lack of energy fails to set it apart from the rest of the pack.

Fans of the critic will enjoy ‘Gravity’ Movie (not to be confused with GRAVITY Movie, the similarly-titled work by Jolene Mendez) and Carr’s usual personal approach. The critic always manages to apply the film being reviewed to the overall state of cinema, as opposed to only offering the basics. The problem is the tone, which can become quite boring at times.

‘Gravity’ Movie is relevant for the personal approach and original ideas of Kevin Carr, however it’s just not that exciting. The content isn’t beefy enough to offer a thorough analysis. Perhaps the most disappointing aspect of ‘Gravity’ Movie is the lack of character analysis. Carr addresses the technicalities of the film, but audiences will likely feel a lack of connection due to the critic’s failure to provide any insight on the main characters.

To be fair, the critic does provide more than just the basics. Many will be pleased by Carr’s calm approach, and the clean structure that is clear and easy to understand.

‘Gravity’ Movie is mildly intriguing. At the end of the day, however there is little to set it apart from other reviews in either appearance, style or content. Carr makes the general observations and doesn’t say enough in his personal commentary to make a lasting impact on the reader.    

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