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Michelle Alexandria’s “Gravity Doesn’t Live Up to the Hype” Has Bite and Plenty Bark

In response to Michelle Alexandria’s 483‑word review of Gravity on Eclipse Magazine

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Michelle Alexandria’s “Gravity doesn’t live up to the Hype!” is the type of caustic review that will leave a tongue imprint in readers’ cheeks. It offers an uncompromising perspective of a filmgoer that did not enjoy Gravity.

Gravity doesn’t live is a bit mean spirited but in a funny enough way that you forget how nihilistic the whole affair sounds. Some will probably write off Gravity doesn’t live as hipster-ish in the sense that the critic seems to hate the movie because everyone else loves it.  That assessment is not  entirely wrong, but there is a certain genuine quality to Alexandria’s opinions that they will probably manage to rise above the condemnation.

The writing is excellent. There’s not a hair out of place, and the style and verbiage is very humorous.  Alexandria attacks the basic premise and calls it out for being too basic. Though she lauds the visuals she makes a compelling argument about the special effects and whether or not they really are as groundbreaking as commonly accepted.

In a refreshing twist, spoilers are completely absent from this review. How a critic in this day and age could accomplish such a feat remains a mystery. Yet, lo and behold you can read this review without fear of revealing too much about the film.

Eclipse Magazine’s setup is pretty spiffy there’s plenty to see and none of the visuals are commercially based. There are zero pop ups, zero banners, the whole thing is ad free and that’s definitely another feather in Gravity doesn’t live‘s cap.

Alexandria’s review is splendid and courageously caustic. Gravity Doesn’t live is definitely worth viewing considering most critical offerings of Gravity err on the side of optimism. For a change of pace, this one delivers and then some.    

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