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Kevin Lally’s Lean “Gravity” Review Is a Joy for Audiences

In response to Kevin Lally’s 554‑word review of Gravity on Film Journal International

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Although there’s nothing exactly groundbreaking about “Film Review: Gravity,” the latest offering from veteran Kevin Lally, the result is an astute and judicious piece of work audiences will love.

Film Review: Gravity is one of those tight pieces of work that captivates from the opening vignette, but steadfastly refuses to rest on its laurels. Individual sentences are crafted, single words chosen, purposefully and powerfully.

As a result, there’s very little in the work that feels like it doesn’t belong: references to popular entertainment, bits of recap and analysis, some peeks behind the scenes and more never threaten to undo the piece as a whole. Film Review: Gravity is holistic reviewmaking at its best. Grounded but explorative. Intelligent but aboveboard.  

By the time the piece reaches its final act, which is a sort of epilogue to the piece, readers will wish it weren’t over.  It manages so much in a taut 550 words.

Overall, Lally’s work is like a high-end buffet: offering a taste of a lot of things, withholding only what audiences shouldn’t want to consume (or would rather save for dessert).  

This Gravity season hasn’t produced a huge number of winners, causing one to worry about the condition of the review-world as a whole. Fortunately, Lally’s Film Review: Gravity puts that concern to rest with a feature that can’t be missed.    

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