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Steve Persall Forgets That His Audience Hasn’t Seen the Film in “No Movie”

In response to Steve Persall’s 490‑word review of Gravity on Tampa Bay Times

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The latest disappointing work from Steve Persall, “Review: Gravity: where no movie has gone before”, is all about technicals but has little heart.

No movie will most likely catch heat for the complete failure to acknowledge one of the leads, George Clooney. The concept won’t make sense for those who haven’t seen the film (Persall’s audience), and the error shows a lack of respect for the reader. The critic mentions the actor by name once, but fails to expand on his role in the film.

Not only is Clooney neglected in no movie, but Persall also says little about the other lead, Sandra Bullock. In the opening lines of the review, the critic references a tear that floats in space, and moves on to examine the technical effects of the film. It should be an indicator as to what no movie is all about: effects.  

When Persall calls the film “a technical and emotional spectacle,” one will likely expect some insightful commentary on the main actors, especially one who is on the poster.

No movie covers the game-changing visual effects like every other review, but fails the reader by refusing to provide even a tiny bit of insight on the lead characters.    

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