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Mike D’angelo’s “I Give It a Year” Saves the Best for Last, and It Isn’t Much

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Mike D’Angelo follows a basic three paragraph formula with his piece “I Give It A Year”. It could have been a worthy review but his effort misses the mark. He laments over the overdone aspects of romantic comedies while he walks the audience through the basics of the plot and ends with a flurry of spoilers.

D’Angelo succeeds in the department of standing his ground—but like the rest of the review, it doesn’t deliver the final punch.

Throughout his review, D’Angelo chooses his side with regard to the movie and while his methods may not be all that creative, he does manage to keep his point clear. Until the ending, that is. Instead of wrapping up his review with a general defense of the meat of his review, he ends up giving credit for its “originality” and even refers to this film as “inspiring”. He completely forgets about how he ripped apart the characters and the basic fundamentals of this film. A plot twist that doesn’t pay off and has no place in this review.

The A. V. Club should be praised for the attractive look and feel of the website where the review is housed. The color scheme is nicely toned down and the review has ample space to breath. Its just a shame there isn’t a better final product to display in such an attractive case.    

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