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3D Looms Over Character Analysis in “Review: Gravity” by Jeffrey K. Lyles

In response to Jeffrey Lyles’s 715‑word review of Gravity on Lyles' Movie Files

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Jeffrey Lyles writes with pure vigor in “Review: Gravity,” and will stun readers with enthusiasm on 3D.

Review is successful from the start with a strong opening sentence that not only embraces the film, but makes a profound statement on the modern state of cinema.  

Despite the catchy open, Lyles focuses on the use of 3D for most of the review, and not on the specifics of the acting performances. One may be thrown off by the critic’s thesis statement.

Lyles writes with a nice flow, however the language could be tightened up at times, most notably the use of pronouns. The constant use of ‘she” could possibly make one queasy.

Review shines with a beautiful look at the achievements of director Alfonso Cuaron and cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezski. Lyles is keen to note specific shots for the viewer, and the importance they have for the film. He also will please many by showing respect to the composer.

The only real flaw of Review is the lack of character analysis. Lyles conveys the essentials of the lead performances, but glides over the details without getting too specific. After the rich commentary on 3D, one may feel that Lyles is a true tekkie, and unable to deliver pure thoughts on the true heart of the film. This may not be the case, but one wouldn’t know it if Review  is their first experience with Lyles’ style.

Review is recommended, however the large amount of visuals are distracting while trying to process the art of the review.    

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