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Eric Melin Composes a Quiet Brain Sizzler With “Young Adult”

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Prepare yourself to be…mildly scorched with insight. Ok, the latest piece by Eric Melin, “‘Ender’s Game’ A Thought-Provoking Young Adult Adaptation,” is not an all-out sizzler that will fry your brain with deep critique, but it will satisfy most.

Young Adult offers the basics like the typical average review, but Melin makes his work quite good by expanding for the audience. Who directed the film? Gavin Hood did—and the critic does more than just state simple facts. There are far too many reviews available to the public that are frustratingly unable to produce any original thought on the director.

Melin acknowledges that some of Hood’s plot devices are a bit obvious, but he lets the reader know why they work. It’s not a beefy section of critique, but it gets the job done.

The majority of Young Adult gets the job done. The introduction covers the backstory, and the critic slowly brings the reader into the inner circle of Melin critique with plump, thought-provoking paragraphs.

Melin’s character analysis is far from mind-blowing, and he leaves out several key figures, but one is supplied with a healthy amount of thought on Asa Butterfield, Harrison Ford and Viola Davis. The effort is there, and sometimes that is all the reader really looks for. Melin sets himself apart from mediocrity with original thought and a devotion to critique.

Young Adult is not essential reading, but it’s a satisfactory review if you only read one review.    

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