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Nick De Semlyen Is Mr. Mojo Hobbit Risin’ in “The Desolation”

In response to Nick De Semlyen’s 846‑word review of The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug on Empire Magazine

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Nick De Semlyen is a fine gentleman of critique in the intellectual “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.” Find your favorite power jacket (or lady jacket), break out the bubbly and toast NDS for enlightening both the Hobbit-challenged and also the greatest Hobbit nerds.

The first paragraph of The Desolation may cause one to achieve a temporary natural high. De Semlyen constructs a wonder tale of a bear-man and scared dwarves, which is highlighted by the energetic pros of NDS that will lead the reader to stand erect in their chair from pure excitement. It’s a dazzling way to start a review and sets the framework for the critic’s argument.

De Semlyen continues his deep critique in The Desolation with an exquistite breakdown of Peter Jackson’s settings. Let the critic take you to Lake-Town as he serves as your personal tour guide through the “fog-shrouded, Dickensian burg that that reeks of “fish oil and tar”. Don’t let the fishy stank ruin your experience. Dive in with confidence.

Whereas the average critic typically strays from a proper Smaug character breakdown, De Semlyen does a break dance of epic Smaug proportions in The Desolation. The final two paragraphs analyze all the main players proper-like, which will lead fans of NDS to holler out “Ooooh, bring it, Nicky, bring it!”

Nick De Semlyen offers an entertaining read in The Desolation, and proves that he’s got that much-discussed Hobbit Mojo.    

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