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Roger Moore’s “Sly and Arnie” Overcomes Faults and Manages to Entertain

In response to Roger Moore’s 566‑word review of Escape Plan on McClatchy-Tribune News Service

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Roger Moore’s matter-of-fact “Movie Review: Sly and Arnie come up with their ‘Escape Plan’” manages to entertain in spite of some perennial issues that keep it from rising to the level of weightier works.

Reduction and summary, characteristic of Moore’s style, are the name of the game here—but the trick doesn’t go so far as to offend the viewer. Rather, Sly and Arnie sketches a tight sequence then moves on to the next, offering jesting and irreverent bits of commentary in between.

Really, Sly and Arnie avoids being prosaic due the interjection of Moore’s personality throughout the piece. There’s no doubt about the critic that penned this piece: it has his fingerprints all over it, and for the most part, the strategy lends a sprightly feel to his work.

Yet again, Moore’s Achilles’ heel is his Spectorian, headache-inducing wall-of-text approach that refuses the reader a breath between paragraphs. Pull-quotes are inserted haphazardly between movements, often a-propos of nothing in particular.

Simple attention to formatting would knock the piece up a notch, but it’s a characteristic of the artist’s work that audiences will be used to (or at least used to dealing with).

A strong conclusion and relatively tame read-time work in favor of Sly and Arnie, which is fair and beguiling enough to overcome its faults. However, some audiences may find the margin too slim and will avert their eyes.    

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