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Ben Sachs’s “IMAX Experience” Is One Paragraph of Magical Mystery

In response to Ben Sachs’s 143‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Chicago Reader

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Oh, no you didn’t, Ben Sachs! It’s an odd feeling to come across a “review” that is only one paragraph such as “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire—The IMAX Experience.” It’s difficult to tell if there is a deeper meaning to the work, or if one should read it while listening to the Beatles’ albums backwards. What is the key to the experience?

IMAX Experience is Project Runway for the fashionable reader. Sachs is not interested in such crazy things like the lead character or the performance of Jennifer Lawrence, he is all about the design of the film.

The supporting cast is not exactly inspected with fiery keystrokes in IMAX Experience. One may be pleased to learn that actors are indeed in the film, and that it’s not a  piece of visual art sans people. It’s apparent that Sachs is quite impressed with the film, and one may be curious if  there is a journal somewhere that contains actual analysis. Perhaps there is a safe box and the amount of commas and periods in this review reveal the password. One can only dream of such things.

IMAX Experience is not a very good review. In fact, it has no business calling itself a review, and it doesn’t according to the web page. Sachs definitely offers an experience if one enjoys gouging their own eyes out and screaming out loud.    

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