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Kelly Vance’s “‘The Counselor’ Movie Review” Short and Sour

In response to Kelly Vance’s 124‑word review of The Counselor on East Bay Express

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Less isn’t always more, and trite tongue twisters tend to turn off readers. Kelly Vance demonstrates this perfectly in her latest work, “‘The Counselor’ Movie Review.”

Her attempt to entice the audience with clever wordplay falls flat—just like the rest of the piece. What follows is an empty rant, albeit a brief one, that fails to showcase the author’s true potential. Tragic in that despite its brevity, there’s clear talent here.

Authors with an ability to convey their message quickly and succinctly tend to garner the quickest attention. But occasionally there are the small percentage who squander that opportunity, as Vance has done. Literally not a shred of interesting dialogue can be found; just unappealing jabs and brash insults. Moreover, these insults are thrown with questionable focus, to the point that it’s unclear who the author’s true target is: the person in question or the reader. As a result, she ends up alienating both.

Witty repartee can be charming, when utilized correctly (or when the assailed is available to retort). Unfortunately, Vance fails miserably in this respect. The artist clearly has not mastered the art, as evidenced by the stilted, abusive delivery.

No one likes a bully, least of all one that strikes quickly and disappears. The audience is advised to steer clear of “‘The Counselor’ movie review” at all cost, lest they become a victim of a hit and run.    

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