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Loey Lockerby Is the New Star of the Lower Midwest in “Burns Bright”

In response to Loey Lockerby’s 737‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Kansas City Star

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Loey Lockerby is rockin’ and rollin’ in the brain-stimulating crafting that is “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire burns bright.” It’s not clear what is being fed in the Kansas City region, but the critics have been raising the bar as of late.

Burns Bright will likely earn Lockerby a few new friends. Her writing style is a joy to read, and the tactical keystrokes  find their way to the inner depths of the plot and burst with energy. One may gently whisper “I’ve been Lockerbyed” and take a moment to reflect on the critic’s talent for the written word.

The critic offers a brief but satisfactory opening statement in Burns Bright, and dishes out several paragraphs of plot summary. If one looks closely, the appearance of a “Katniss” is sprinkled throughout each of the opening paragraphs, which has a hypnotic quality on the reader. Lockerby has clearly been studying The Katniss Technique and works it to perfection.

Lockerby dedicates the second half of Burns Bright to precision critique, especially on director Francis Lawrence, however the analysis is not quite Truffaut-like or Ebert-esque. Lockerby glides over the supporting cast, and the final paragraph on dear J-Law is quite thin. Despite the flaws of the piece, Lockerby offers her readers an entertaining and skillfully written review.    

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