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Widgett Walls’s “Thor: The Dark World 3D” Is Found Footage Gone Gonzo

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Widgett Walls’s “Wayhomer Review #164: Thor: The Dark World 3D” is a window into the chaos strewn world of a rogue critic and a nice little movie review to boot.

This could be called “Widgett Walls awkwardly loses camera on the way home from Thor: The Dark World” as that is the highlight of the review. Mean jokes aside Walls’s review is a stripped down non-pretentious look at cinema. He’s an every-man that isn’t necessarily concerned with overarching themes or the human condition and this approach to criticism accomplishes its limited set of goals, attacking a film from the standpoint of, “was it entertaining?” With that said, Walls’s 14 minute drive home is an enjoyable trip with a no frills movie critic.

It’s pretty humorous as the non-rehearsed critic loses his talking points a few times as well as some other unforeseen real world occurrences that take place: it’s all very gonzo, the critic by proxy making himself the center of the story just as much as his critique. Needless to say the review is entertaining but it could have probably been cut down for the sake of time.

Walls’s review is full of action, peril, suspense, and humor; and really what more could one ask for in a story or in this case a review?   

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