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Andrea Chases’s “The Counselor” Is a Scholarly Description of a Film

In response to Andrea Chase’s 715‑word review of The Counselor on Killer Movie Reviews

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Andrea Chase’s prose is noteworthy in her latest work, “The Counselor“—even with multiple spelling errors. Although the writing of the critic is on point, Chase refuses to think beyond summary and fails to serve up a decent analysis.

Chase begins The Counselor with a literary tale that is both intriguing and odd. Eventually the critic connects her story to the film at hand, however the first paragraph may include the most analysis of the work.

Chases’s The Counselor is a long description of a film, and Chase only occasionally injects subtle thoughts that could be interpreted as critique. The critic details the basic premise of Fassbender’s titular character, but fails to make any clear statements other than that he might have a budget problem. Chase teases the reader throughout with tight writing which ultimately leads to nothing.

Chase briefly delivers a decent paragraph on the episodic qualities of the film, but once again fails to expand on the theme.

The rest of Chase’s The Counselor is more description along with a final statement on metaphors in the film. There is certainly decent information to be consumed in Chase’s work, but the overall quality offers little more than your basic average review.

Andrea Chase’s The Counselor has loads of potential, but the words live in the land of summary rather than critique.    

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