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Bitterness Rules in “Kick-Ass 2’: As if One Wasn’t Enough”

In response to Marshall Fine’s 534‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on Hollywood & Fine

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What did Marshall Fine eat for breakfast? The bitter tone of his latest “vomitous” attack feels as if the author might have bit off more than he could chew.

The opening sequence of events had the reader searching for fresh air, as Fine immediately sets the tone with scathing opening remarks. The bully-ish tone will make one wonder if perhaps Fine was turned down for a cameo appearance.

The author delves deep into his background for ties to the original, and succeeds in telling a cautionary tale of how cinematic seconds can lead one down a road of no return. Despite this bold statement, Fine fails to meditate on the stand-alone quality of his latest and refrain from obsessing on his dark thoughts of the theatre past.

Despite the initial outpouring of anger, Fine writes with an intriguing style and intelligently notes his pleasures. He is keen to address the flimsy plot points, and bolsters his views with potential solutions to the problems at hand. Humor finds its way into to this polarizing piece of work, however the smothering animosity of Fine proves to be too much to overcome in the end.    

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