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Chris Knight Brings the Dern & the Fury in “Million-Dollar Man”

In response to Chris Knight’s 1035‑word review of Nebraska on National Post

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Chris Knight has brought the Dern and the fury with his latest exceptional creation, “Nebraska, reviewed: Bruce Dern is a million-dollar man in lifetime achievement of a performance.” Not only is the title enough to make one convulse with Knight-mania, but the content is fresh, witty and comparable to the finest French wines sold in the lower Midwest.

Knight opens Million-Dollar Man with a little Nick Nolte for the great cinema minds of the world. The introduction may confuse the average reader with the teasy comparison, but the critic delivers the goods by explaining why Bruce Dern is such an excellent fit. Legions of Dern devotees will be moved by the writing, and dream of the day when they can become a cantankerous old coot.

Million-Dollar Man proceeds to get better with Knight’s deep reflections on the older gents of Alexander Payne films. The critic proves to be a wizard of wisdom due to his soul-soothing crafting of words. All the talk on the internet has dubbed Knight as “The Knight of the North,” which may not be fair to the critic as he is merely an artist, and not a protector of nations.

The true beauty of Knight’s Million-Dollar Man is the way he pierces the plot with a serious devotion to character analysis. His thoughts on the personality of ol’ Woody may lead some to reconsider their thoughts about old, angry, hard-drinking meanies and contemplate that maybe they are just a product of their environment. It’s all quite thought provoking, and Knight does a fine job of stimulating the mind.

Million-Dollar Man is essential reading, and a perfect Holiday gift for the financially-challenged.    

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