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The Effort in Susan Granger’s “Escape Plan” Is Just Not Good Enough

In response to Susan Granger’s 314‑word review of Escape Plan on SSG Syndicate

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The problem with Susan Granger’s “Escape Plan” is that it allows one to think that a “review” is a plot summary followed by a few thoughts. The critic shows a disturbing lack of awareness for the needs of the audience, and the absence of visuals certainly doesn’t help.

One will find difficulty finding a connection to Granger’s Escape Plan after the throwaway opening statement. Granger fails to offer the reader a general opinion, humor or even stylized writing that will provoke one to proceed. The general reader knows that Schwarzenegger used to be a Governor, and that Stallone has been known as “The Italian Stallion” due to the success of “Rocky.” The first impression most readers will have of the whole affair is that it feels outdated.

After the well-written plot summary, Granger offers the reader ninety-two words which is simply not enough to make the review worthwhile. Offering one line of dialogue does not constitute “analysis,” and a phrase such as “tough-guy violence” does not adequately convey original thought about an action film.

The critic fails to look beyond the obvious, and give the reader a reason not to throw their hands up in the air and walk out of the room.  

The most troubling aspect of Granger’s Escape Plan is the absence of any original thought on the performances of the leads. The review offers the reader little to contemplate, which is frustrating because the plot summary clearly shows Granger is capable of offering a complete analysis.    

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