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Tony Medley’s “Gravity” Will Make One Postpone Plans

In response to Tony Medley’s 428‑word review of Gravity on Tolucan Times

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Tony Medley’s latest tale, “Gravity,” is a devastating disaster of a review that one must be warned about. The side effects may cause one to postpone plans due to a horrific reading experience.

Medley’s Gravity opens up with the troubling statement “Wow; this is a movie!” One will certainly understand Medley has been touched by the power of cinema, however the weightless feel of his words may quickly lose the reader. The flow of Gravity will likely remind one of “Boom! Crack! Pow!” from Batman and Robin.

Medley moves from sentence to sentence, but never offers any real analysis. It’s like a continuous tavern tour without having a drink. To be fair, Medley shows a tiny bit of respect for the reader by acknowledge the cast and crew, however one will be left searching for a higher truth, aka useful thoughts.

Medley’s Gravity improves slightly towards its second half, especially with a unique film reference that will surely please cinephiles. Unfortunately, the review closes out with a weak personal anecdote, which is only another way of saying what has already been communicated several times over.

Gravity closes out with “‘Nuff said. This is one not to miss.” The reader is advised to think exactly the opposite in regard to the review.    

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