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Matthew Toomey’s “Review: Gravity” Frustrates With Tone and Spoilers

In response to Matthew Toomey’s 502‑word review of Gravity on ABC Radio Brisbane

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Matthew Toomey’s “Review: Gravity” hits a sour note early and proceeds to serve up a cocktail of over-information and rhetorical questions. In the very first sentence, Review: Gravity tells the reader of a “reason [sic] trend” in the film industry. This immediately puts the reader on his guard for other grammatical fumbles and ruins most of the potential for enjoyment.

Review: Gravity produces maximal information from minimal material. This has the effect of leaving little secret about the film aside from the very ending.

Review: Gravity treats readers to the Socratic method of movie reviews, preferring to enlighten though a series of questions. This method is enlisted to apprise the crux of the film’s conflict and imagery. The reader gains little from the employment of this technique.

To its credit, Review: Gravity is clear in where its loyalties lie in regard to its subject and provides good reason for these loyalties. This will move readers, who are not distracted by other deficiencies in the work.

In the end, the love of the question mark and spacey proofreading severely hamper any bright spots the piece has to offer. Readers should only seek out Review: Gravity if they have already seen Gravity and are willing to answer Toomey’s questions.    

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