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Johnson’s “Men in Pain (Two Movies About…)” Is Difficult to Find, Worth the Search in the End

In response to CJ Johnson’s 272‑word review of The World's End on ABC Radio (Australia)

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Readers may need a compass to locate CJ Johnson’s “Men In Pain (Two Films About…),” but after something of a journey scrolling down the page, they will find this 272-word review that proves to be effective despite its humble word count.

Johnson’s use of alliteration to describe this film jumps out as a stellar start. It keeps the momentum going and starts the readers off in grand fashion. There is a clear beginning, middle and end to this review and there is enough support to back up Johnson’s take on this movie.

The format is the only issue with this review. There is no overall listing of the movies that are included on the page. So readers are left to aimlessly search for the review and may very well miss it on the first try. At least they will be treated with a lovely scenic view though.

The background is gritty—with its scuffled mixture of gray, black and white—and the bold red titles scream “click me!” as the eyes of the readers pass over them. The choice of whether to read the review right away when found or to click the bold red title (that will take them to another page with a limited number of reviews) is entirely up to the reader. The outcome is the same for both options, since the reviews are identical on each page.

Johnson’s review is definitely read-worthy but the format defeats any possibility of a smooth sailing reading experience. Readers can expect to work a little harder than usual for this one but it is worth it in the end.    

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