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Kevin McCarthy’s “Gravity” Just Piles on the Praise

In response to Kevin McCarthy’s 1505‑word review of Gravity on

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Kevin  McCarthy’s “Gravity” will leave most needing an insulin shot. This treacly pronouncement of love jumps the shark in a critical sense, and goes from mild-mannered analysis to raving fan-boy brownnosing in the span of a paragraph.

There is no cutting to the chase with Mcarthy’s Gravity. It’s an exhausting exercise in endurance and sycophancy that in the end, probably won’t please anyone. The writing is good, but only serves the seemingly surreptitious purpose of packing theaters.

This is harsh, but if you preface a sentence with, “if this is the only time you…” chances are you are a salesman; consider your words press material.

If you can get past all of the sentimental drivel that gets thrown around with words like “milestone” and “magnificent” you will come to realize that Mcarthy’s Gravity is sort of like Jupiter, mostly comprised of hot air. Those 1909 words that you are about to read are mostly insubstantial and argumentatively shallow platitudes.

Nerd Tears is a nice looking site, there aren’t a terrible amount of ads to throw off one’s focus and there are plenty of options to choose from in terms of reading material. The site’s red backdrop is also a nice compliment to the universally accepted stark white backdrop. Other than that the site is minimalistically pleasing. It’s easily the high point of the experience, though nowhere near high enough to make it recommendable.    

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