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Kevin Carr’s Patchy “Catching Fire” Suffers From Bouts of Clunkiness

In response to Kevin Carr’s 712‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on 7M Pictures

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Kevin Carr’s “THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE,” is a frustrating read.  

At times, Carr exhibits a real aptitude for critique, making salient points both funny and biting and demonstrating a genuinely brilliant mind for movies.  

At other times, though, Carr feels out of his element, and a clumsy turn of phrase or  a poorly argued criticism trips up an otherwise flowing work of filmic analysis.  

Part of the problem is Carr’s lurching prose, which lacks the deftness to take his critiques and lay them out clearly and concisely for readers. Where a well placed (and aptly chosen) word or phrase would do the job, Carr uses an entire paragraph. The clunky writing gets him in trouble at times. More than once, he writes himself into a corner from which he must crudely extract himself.

Carr deserves credit for coming out the gate blazing, very humorously invoking the nightmare imagery of the Twilight series and expressing relief when Catching Fire takes a welcome turn away from the vampire soap opera. The work that follows is uneven, but it’s blessedly free from needless rehashing and Carr does argue valiantly, using his space for nothing but criticism.

It’s a noble effort, but the prose here keep it from reaching the top tier.    

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