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Luke Buckmaster’s “Craptastrophy” Is an Online Laugh Factory

In response to Luke Buckmaster’s 639‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Crikey

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Do you like to laugh? Check out Luke Buckmaster at his online “Laugh Factory” in which he discusses the trials and tribulations of Thor in “Thor: The Dark World movie review: a superhero craptastrophy.”

Craptastrophy has a little bit of everything, but wins big due to sheer excitement. The writing style of Buckmaster may be confused with that of a fanboy in some circles, however the critic is on point with his comedy.

The audience appreciation introduction of Craptastrophy is excellent, and the humor only gets better. The critic looks out for his readers by addressing specific crowds and stating why they may have a negative reaction to the themes of the film.

Let’s be real: the critique is quite thin in Craptastrophy, but the energetic writing and devotion to key points is outstanding. It’s an excellent read, and zingers may be lost the first time around. Buckmaster owns his comedic style and gently rips the film apart without being too offensive. The critic strays a bit towards the end while addressing other opinions, but still makes it work.

Craptastrophy is a real swell time. Buckmaster knows how to entertain with razor sharp writing, and makes excellent point along the way.    

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