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Bruce Kirkland’s “‘The Counselor’… Is Unabashedly Brilliant

In response to Bruce Kirkland’s 513‑word review of The Counselor on Jam! Movies

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“‘The Counselor’ is an existential abomination” by Bruce Kirkland is an unapologetic blitzkrieg of pure genius. Fans will delight in its true-to-form structure, and new fans will undoubtedly be made.

Kirkland is a “walk the walk” kind of guy. Fancy dialogue does not impress, if it can’t be backed up by substance. Hence, he leads by example in “‘The Counselor‘…”, and with astounding effectiveness. The dialogue itself is minimal and to the point, which is a style perfectly suited for this author. One would be hard-pressed to find rhetoric of similar potency to compare this with.

In a brilliant display of tactility, the author launches an all-out, adjective-riddled assault of auditorial audacity, the likes of which will undoubtedly leave the audience shell shocked. He attacks his subject with scathing criticality, and with more ferocity than Rambo taking out a POW camp. He takes no prisoners in his merciless approach, systematically decimating each point until the subject is powerless to resist. The death blow is delivered with such finality and assuredness, there is little doubt who the superior combatant is.

This work is a shining example of how to triumph over opposition and create a masterpiece in the process. Future targets of his wrath would be wise to note the example made here, lest they be resigned to a similar fate. And the reader will admire and respect, but most of all, revere Kirkland’s latest offering. For it is a force of nature that simply cannot be denied.    

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