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Rene Rodriguez’s “‘I Give It a Year’ (R)” Is a Focused, Well-Thought, and Satisfying Review.

In response to Rene Rodriguez’s 423‑word review of I Give It a Year on Miami Herald

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Rene Rodriguez has done an excellent job with ‘I Give It a Year (R) This subversive rom-com is too funny for its own good. He maintains a tight focus on what the film attempts to accomplish and is able to competently evaluate the level of success it enjoys in relation to those ends. Rodriguez sucks in the readers with a question. A question that he has already answered in the title of the review, no less. Its this sense of unified purpose and focus that breathes life into the rest of the review.

Rodriguez mentions four or five of the most referenced scenes, similar to other, lesser, reviewers. The difference is that he uses them as tools to illustrate and prove his points. He makes brilliant comparisons with other movies, showing not only his credibility as a film writer, but also his instincts. He knows when to keep his comparisons short and concise, and when to flesh other comparisons out to prove larger points. Its a remarkable work, worthy of repeated readings.

Be warned, the review ends on a shocking note. Things are humming along smoothly, leading to a satisfying conclusion. Suddenly, in an attempt to relate the film to his readers, Rodriguez ends the review with a sentence that appears to reveal the final ending of the film. Though the conclusion doesn‘t spell out the ending, it is hard to miss. This ending is sure to be polarizing and stir up quite a bit of controversy.    

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