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Nell Minow Transforms Into Stern Movie Mom in “Romeo & Juliet”

In response to Nell Minow’s 604‑word review of Romeo and Juliet on Beliefnet

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Nell Minow writes with a quiet storm of fury in her latest sensational composition “Romeo & Juliet.” Caution: some may be shocked by the wrath of Movie Mom.

Minow’s Romeo & Juliet begins with a rich history on the classic tale. Parents should have their notebooks ready, and take advantage of Minow’s wisdom. The critic explores the adaptations of the past with a fair approach, and slowly builds up to the necessities of a successful modern adaptation. And then the critic gets real with the audience.

Before moving on, the visuals of Minow’s Romeo & Juliet must be noted. The lone image may not immediately strike the reader due its small size, however the choice captures a poignant moment between the two lovers. The inclusion of another character only adds to the power of the glorious image. Take a minute to think before proceeding.

Minow’s Romeo & Juliet dissects the plot with stern words. Despite the piercing attack, the critic is always fair and respectful by providing the highlights as well. However, Movie Mom makes it clear that she is not a fan of the adaptation, and backs up her statements with a lengthy commentary.

Minow’s Romeo & Juliet is a one-woman show that conducts a clinic on the flaws of the film’s storytelling, lead performances and adaptation of the writings of Mr. William Shakespeare. The Internet may shut down due to Minow’s comments on the performance of Hailee Steinfeld as Juliet, and the devastating reference to Twilight.

In the final moments, the critic also addresses the film’s writer Julian Fellowes, and delivers a sharp but honest zinger.

Minow looks after parents by providing the bare essentials as always, but her work will be remembered for the swift and thorough takedown of the film.    

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