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John Serba Conducts a Drama Clinic in “Poetic and Essential”

In response to John Serba’s 627‑word review of Gravity on

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John Serba is a master of drama in his latest tale of intrigue, “Gravity review: Sandra Bullock’s astronaut is terrifying, poetic and essential.”

Poetic and Essential dims the lights and sets the mood for a space tale that will frighten, enlighten, and perhaps make you cry. The opening paragraph is a jolt, and the slow-moving words make their way to the reader and shake them with fury. In a good way, of course.

The brief plot summary of Poetic and Essential in unique in that one may feel as if they are sitting beside the critic as he writes. What will happen next? What word will be used? The drama is downright dazzling, and one will eagerly wait for the next act.

Poetic and Essential is a magnificent nod to the work of director Alfonso Cuaron. Serba shines a light on the accomplishments of the director, and conveys to the reader what they can expect with their own experience. It’s a class-act construction of words that highlight the camera acumen of the director.

By the end of Poetic and Essential, the critic poetically looks into the proverbial eye of the reader (this is essential) and offers life lessons that can be learned. Serba’s work is energetic, informative and a must-read.    

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