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Tom Long Forgets the Point of Being a Critic in “What You’d Expect”

In response to Tom Long’s 278‑word review of Escape Plan on Detroit News

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What’s it all about, Tom Long? The reader searches the internet for a decent review, and comes across “Review: Stallone, Schwarzenegger offer exactly what you’d expect with Escape Plan.”

What You’d Expect is certainly something you would expect to find somewhere online with the release of a Stallone/Schwarzenegger film. It allows some critics to feel they have a free pass to say as little as possible, and end with “Nuff said.” Any friend or family member could tell you the same thing, which will make the reader question the point of being a critic when one can just give up so easily.

Rather than learning about what the aging stars have to offer, or don’t have to offer, the reader is left with nothing—simply because of the who the actors are.

What You’d Expect shows potential in the open with four crisp sentences, but quickly moves into plot summary which is essentially the whole review.

The problem with What You’d Expect is that it falls into a huge stereotype that is completely unnecessary in the modern world of reviews. The complete lack of analysis or original thought is just a waste of time for the reader. Tom Long couldn’t even muster up one image for his audience.    

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