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Amy Nicholson’s “Thor” Is Godlike

In response to Amy Nicholson’s 1043‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on L.A. Weekly

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Amy Nicholson’s review of the newest entry in Marvel’s episodic super hero adventures reaches godlike status. Okay, not Zeus or Apollo. More like Euphrosyne, one of The Graces responsible for mirth.

Which is especially fitting because Nicholson’s got a gift for levity in “Thor Returns, Diminished.” These aren’t the obvious, hackneyed puns that every critic and their mother are exploiting for cheap laughs. These are witty observations that are so expertly crafted and clever, they force you, through sheer charm, to chuckle at their brilliance.

Nicholson’s writing is so nimble, she makes her 1043 words breeze by like a trip though the celestial heavens. There’s an effortless flow here whose ease can only be the result of an exquisite writer at full command of her craft.

While her criticisms are mostly aimed at the lost “emotional potential of the berserker, beautiful Norse epic we’ve yet to see,” she allows that “The Dark World has the essentials — four fights, six quips, and one Earth city reduced to rubble,” even if it’s, in filmic terms, barely “competent.”

It would have been nice to see more of Nicholson’s prodigious wit directed at the film itself, but that’s the only quibble in an otherwise divine review.    

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