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Anderson’s “Nothing Very Super About ‘Kick-Ass 2’” Is Weak

In response to Jeffrey M. Anderson’s 222‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on San Francisco Examiner

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Jeffrey M. Anderson’s “Nothing very super about ‘Kick-Ass 2’” deflates interest with a title that offers no hook, no engagement, and no mystery. And then it gets worse.  

Nothing very super suffers from taking the form of an apologia for enjoying the first Kick-Ass.  The review is bending over backwards to distance itself from the new movie by focusing on the wonders of the first.

Amazingly, the core ethos of what made the first film work is now pilloried in Nothing very super.  Assertions are made that there is no “cohesive idea or theme” in the sequel, and yet the film suffers from being just like Kick-Ass, and then Anderson gives us the plot and themes he thinks do not exist!

It would be nonsensical if it weren’t so trite and earnest.  Nothing very super casts the hero in an ill light because now he’s buff instead of a scrawny kid, and yet the movie suffers “atrophy.” The review does not offer alternate takes on how the film could work, so at least there isn’t any dreadful armchair directorship.

At the end of the day though, when a review is simply a pining for another film, analysis devolves into a package that makes readers want to throw in the towel.    

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