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Andrea Chase’s “Ender’s Game” Is a Grammarphile’s Nightmare

In response to Andrea Chase’s 826‑word review of Ender’s Game on Killer Movie Reviews

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Andrea Chase’s “Ender’s Game” will chase away those looking for structure in their sentences.

Within the depths of this article beware of long sentences that seemingly go on ad infinitum, missing commas, complex sentences in dire need of semi colons and so many more issues. This article reads like a “Class V” river to those white water enthusiasts out there. Prepare for abrupt, violent shifting to and fro and the inevitable waterfall into a bottomless abyss.  There aren’t too many redeeming qualities with this article, it truly is a difficult read. By the end of it there will be plenty of questions needing answer.

The better part of the review is spent recapping the film’s important plot points but this goes on far too long for comfort. By the time the writer switches directions there are essentially two paragraphs left and not too much can be ascertained about the film in this short period of time. The central argument is lost in the swirling ineptness of the article. Every once in a while the writer will compliment an aspect of  the film, and that is the extent of the criticism.

Question marks and stunned disbelief will be the two most common things on your mind by the time you are finished (if you choose to read this) reading this. Andrea Chase’s “Ender’s Game” will have you reaching for your  nearest writing manual in sadness.    

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