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Siobhan Synnot’s “World (12A)” Is a Devastating Blow for Criticism

In response to Siobhan Synnot’s 256‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Scotsman

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Siobhan Synnot’s latest “review” is an embarrassment for modern film criticism. The work of the critic, “Thor: The Dark World (12A)” is such a weak effort that one will question why Synnot even bothered writing it up. There is absolutely nothing to gain from World (12A), which reads like the critic asked someone else what the film is about.

World (12A) begins with a mildly interesting opening paragraph, but one will quickly get the sense that Synnot is not taking the review seriously.

The plot summary of World (12A) is mildly offensive by the way the critic deconstructs the film to almost nothing, and refuses to expand for the readers. The entirety of the work feels like a big joke, and Synnot continues with the “I” theme in the third and final paragraph. It’s all a complete waste.

For one to applaud Synnot for the weak performance in World (12A) would be the equivalent of applauding a quarterback for walking onto the field and taking a snap. “Wow, Synnot is on the field!” What’s next? Effort?

World (12A) is a devastating nightmare not for opinion, but for the complete lack of respect for the reader.  One will likely stare at the screen in shock for several minutes.    

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