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Justin Chang’s “Film Review: ‘Kick-Ass 2’” Looks for Opinion, Loses Coherency

In response to Justin Chang’s 1350‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on Variety

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Justin Chang’s treatment on Kick-Ass 2, “Film Review: ‘Kick-Ass 2‘“is modest enough to be ambiguous and vaguely disinteresting. Chang’s words towards the film serve simply enough to elongate the description of the plot, as if he is trying to forgo the opportunity to examine the film and pick out its flaws thoroughly enough to actually regard the strengths of the film.

Sure, there are a few moments that point towards potential flaws, but they‘re more of comparisons. Chang reserves his judgments towards characters and plotlines and even the entire film for a compare/contrast episode, like deciding if the “Kick-Ass” story is funnier than the “Hit-Girl” one, or which actors/actresses are better in their respective roles (even though he still manages to defend anyone who is lackluster, an extraordinarily evil A-for-effort in the game of criticism).

The review tries to take on the one-sided role of critique; Chang tries to say, “Jeez man, it could be better” and then shrugs. He can analyze a film he is watching. But, given this example, Chang can‘t analyze his own writing: he goes into depth about the characters and the filmmaking to a degree that he inherently encourages people to go see the movie, even as he portrays his own disappointment. Maybe next time we can sensitively and simply synthesize the pros and cons of an upcoming movie rather than word-puking them in a debatable direction.    

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