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Sara Stewart’s “Sizzling Sequel” Is on the Edge of Glory

In response to Sara Stewart’s 717‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on New York Post

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Sara Stewart’s latest piece “Catching Fire a sizzling sequel,” is crafted with fine detail, however one may be left desiring more from the S. S. Express. The read is tasty and visually pleasing, but it’s all over far too soon. One may shake from pure anxiety.

Sizzling Sequel may not explore the film with vigor, but Stewart expands on each statement and offers the audience a rich experience. With just a few extra sentences, the work becomes cohesive, and it all comes together nicely. Stewart’s writing is elegant and her prose should be savored by the review connoisseur.

The commentary on the direction of Francis Lawrence is especially pleasing, and the dark phrasing might even frighten some readers. Don’t be afraid though, because the critic is painting a portrait of many colors, and one must experience the dark side to truly appreciate the beauty.

The lack of Katniss and J-Law detracts from the overall quality of Sizzling Sequel. After all, The Big K is the focus of the story, and Stewart’s analysis isn’t as captivating due to the absence of thought on the main character.  

Sara Stewart makes excellent points in Sizzling Sequel, but they feel disconnected from a broader viewpoint that is never explored.    

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