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Stephen Whitty’s “‘Nebraska’ Review: …” a Five-Star Triumph

In response to Stephen Whitty’s 641‑word review of Nebraska on Newark Star-Ledger

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Seemingly begrudging diatribe and pessimistic speculation imply comprehensive disdain in Stephen Whitty’s  “‘Nebraska’ review: Alexander Payne’s four-star triumph“…initially. But one must never judge a book by its cover.  

Any apprehensions the reader may have are quickly quelled once the author reveals the true motive of his prose. And what poetry it is. From the distinct perspective to the tangible, ultimately relatable, imagery induced: it all adds up to a work of art that is both beautiful to behold and worthwhile to cherish long after the cover is closed.

The reader will no doubt empathize with the subject and the inscriber’s approach to it instantly. As they eagerly traverse the lines of this script, they will giggle with delight at the familiarity within the anecdotes, as well as sob profusely at the equally identifiable tragedy. Both forces will ultimately encapsulate the reader’s attention, while perpetually tugging at their heart strings.

It’s no doubt more difficult than it seems to create literature so easily and universally identifiable by the audience. In this respect, Mr. Whitty is a savant at illustrating life’s journey through the common man’s eyes. A brilliant talent, the author embodies the world as it should be viewed, simultaneously proving simple pleasures are abound. The reader would do well to appreciate this simple pleasure as the simply pleasurable experience that it is.    

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