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Jackie K. Cooper’s Effort in “Games Catching” Is Offensive and Disturbing

In response to Jackie K. Cooper’s 393‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on

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Jackie K. Cooper’s “Hunger Games Catching Fire” is simply a horrible review. There is a disturbing lack of critique in the work, and one may question how the critic’s analysis differs from a fifteen-year old girl walking out of the theatre. One can appreciate the construction of several paragraphs, but Cooper doesn’t bring anything fresh to the review game.

The introduction of Games Catching is incredibly boring and filled with obvious statements. Cooper states that the franchise is a “phenomenon” in the first sentence, which will lead those who haven’t been living under a rock to roll their eyes and hope that something of value can be found in the review. Cooper fails to produce a solid argument, and disappoints by merely noting that the sequel is “more of the same that was contained in the first film.” In other words—the film is a sequel. Cooper refuses to explain what sets it apart from the first film.

How can a critic fail to mention the director in a review? Cooper accomplishes this rare feat in Games Catching by failing to mention Francis Lawrence. Not only that, but he throws the idea of character analysis out the window completely. The star of the franchise, Jennifer Lawrence, is noted as being “always exceptional” and the young actors “are all good in their roles.” As for the older cast, Cooper simply states “not so much.” The entire section of “critique” is horribly offensive.

Cooper closes out Games Catching with a few decent thoughts, but nothing to overcome the supreme lack of effort.

Games Catching is a poor, poor review that shows little respect for the audience or devotion to film criticism.    

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