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Gary Wolcott Delivers Unimaginative “Counselor”

In response to Gary Wolcott’s 272‑word review of The Counselor on Tri-City Herald

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Gary Wolcott’s “The Counselor: Great acting and storytelling, but not much of a story” is a great presentation, but not much of a review.

Wolcott’s writing is uninspired at best and a complete train wreck at worst. Wolcott seems to go out of his way to use the pansy passive voice and it doesn’t help matters that there’s no flair here; just humdrum, matter of fact statements composed with about as much style as mom jeans. Wolcott can’t muster a decent adjective to save his life and his imagination for description is on a fourth grade level, even stooping to saying Cormac McCarthy’s “screenplay skills—to put it bluntly—suck.”

There’s not even a trace of legitimate criticism in sight here. Wolcott halfheartedly tries, but the result is almost laughable: “The Counselor is one of those films that makes you want to go home a take a long, hot shower after the credits roll. It’s just plain icky.”

That doesn’t even move the needle in terms of analysis and just serves to expose the laziness of this critic. There’s a meager 272 words here, which isn’t always the critic’s fault, but what is here is lackluster and barely qualifies as a review.    

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