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Smith’s “Lowbrow Actions Clouds ‘Thor: The Dark World” Is Jaded Fun

In response to Kyle Smith’s 634‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on New York Post

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There’s something about reading a witty critic trashing one of the ubiquitous superhero movies of recent times. Whether it’s the unrepentantly snarky tone or the funny metaphors—it’s a dollop of wicked fun. And few do wicked fun better than the Kyle Smith

Smith’s “Lowbrow Action Clouds ‘Thor: The Dark World’” is jaded; it’s had it with these soulless superhero movies-by-committee excreted by the Marvel movie machine. Readers will find it hard not to think a little less of current American cinema after reading this review—but disillusionment has never been so funny. To wit: “‘Dark World’ is as narratively gripping as if the pages of the IKEA catalog attacked one another. (Watch out, Olofstorp is massed for battle against Lindved!)”

Readers will cry foul when Smith compares this movie unfavorably to “The Lord of the Rings”, and indirectly, the genius of Tolkien to the “squadron of screenwriters” who worked on The Dark World. A platoon of screenwriters, a division of screenwriters, a Viking horde of screenwriters would get lost in the shadow of a giant like Tolkien. Also, he carries his nothing-matters-here attitude too far in giving away a good deal of the plot.

Lowbrow Action should have more consideration for people who might want to get lost for two hours in a slew of CGI mayhem hung on a predictable plot.

Readers who like reading reviews for themselves will enjoy this; those who are psyched for the latest Thor movie…they’re not going to read negative reviews anyway.    

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