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Cath Clarke’s “Fire (12A)” Has Usain Bolt in Dagger Pumas

In response to Cath Clarke’s 419‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Time Out

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Cath Clarke brings the laughs in the awesomely bad “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (12A).” The review reads more like an epic email from your best friend, rather than a critic critiquing a film, but Clarke makes the experience enjoyable and memorable.

Fire (12A) is a perfect example of a sub-par review that wins due to pure entertainment. The jokes are well-placed, the writing is lively and one may completely forget about the weak analysis. Who can forget the metaphor, “like Usain Bolt with daggers in his Pumas?” Nobody. That’s who. Clarke even has the sequel grappling with the original in hand-to-hand combat. Yes, reader—this is happening, and it’s all for you.

For the most part, Clarke is direct with her statements, but she fails to build on her fantastically entertaining words. J-Law is only given one brief paragraph, and the critic must certainly know that “burns the screen” and “stunning” is not quite good enough. The reader desires Katniss, and not obvious statements.

Clarke’s critique in Fire (12A) is not quite burning with wisdom. “Lawrence has first-rate support” is as good as it gets for the supporting cast, but the reader may be anticipating the next Cath Clarke one-liner rather than looking to be dazzled with film criticism.

Fire (12A) is oddly a must-read. Clarke has the potential to write amazing reviews if she can show a commitment to substance rather than focusing on style.    

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