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Robbie Collin’s “Kick-Ass 2, Review” Fails to Kick Ass

In response to Robbie Collin’s 672‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on Daily Telegraph

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While Robbie Collin has no trouble holding back how he really feels in “Kick-Ass 2, review”, it’s not as hard-hitting as he must have imagined it would be as he was writing it. Some of the things he chooses to address are more a nag than a critical observation.

Collin’s intro and conclusion have a common thread that is funny and obviously planned out. Unfortunately, the rest of his work is miserably unfocused. Collin appears to have a limited amount of creative banter at his disposable, and in Review, it gets budgeted poorly.

Having spent his reserves, he is reduced to nitpicking his way through this review and it grows tiresome. He takes the time to address the ages of the actors playing teenagers but fails to even say whether it directly affected the movie. It sticks out and ultimately is a mute point.

Collin also spends too much time fan-girling over one character that by the time he remembers there are other main characters in the film, he is already nearing his final paragraph.

Collins needs to spend more time on the “meat” of the review and worry less about snazzy beginning and ending combos. No one likes a nagging voice. Though without a saving grace, the review is thankfully over sooner rather than later.    

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