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Jake Coyle’s “Review: ‘Thor’ Sequel Gets Lost in Space” Is a Waste

In response to Jake Coyle’s 647‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Associated Press

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Know what glums up a movie review? Too much referential material. Case in point Jake Coyle’s “Review: ‘Thor’ sequel gets lost in space.”

Thor is a mythological figure; he was turned into a comic book in the 1960s, same time as a goofy SF series Lost in Space; Thor was kind of like Superman, a comic character that predates the comic book Thor, and got his own movies in the 1970s, 1980s, and 21st century; Thor also had movies made based on his comics, and there was a movie version of Lost in Space.  And don’t forget to mention Gravity with Sandra Bullock, or, for goodness sake, The Avengers and Spider Man!

All of this data must be streaming in the mind’s eye as one reads, so there isn’t a question that Coyle has immersed himself in the visual landscape of geek films. This is at once a commentary on how much continuity there is between Thor and a slew of other properties, but it also acts as a eye-poke of pop culture trivia masquerading as context.

Six paragraphs (six!) after the opening salvo of pop culture analysis, we get an inkling of the plot. Not a fan of brevity in introductions, this Coyle. And, before you can say mjonir (that’s Thor’s name for his hammer), the show is over.  

Those readers who enjoy film trivia main course with a side order of actual reviewing will be gorging on this one.    

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