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Young’s “Film Review: I Give It a Year (15)” Falls Flat Over and Over Again

In response to Graham Young’s 226‑word review of I Give It a Year on Birmingham Mail

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This review of I Give it a Year written by Graham Young, titled “Film Review: I Give It a Year (15)” could be likened to the kid always picked last in Gym class: short and weak.

The first line of anything that is written should not cause you to do a double take, unless it is some mind blowing fact or prose. Sadly Mr. Young’s first sentence is neither of these and his audience will still be double taking. Part fragment and part poorly worded, the review starts off on a bad foot and only stumbles harder further on down the line.

The review seems more like a narrative of the night Mr. Young saw the film as opposed to an out and out critique of the film. There are also weak comparisons to a film that two of the stars involved happened to be in as well. Really this whole thing is just a poorly stitched up corpse of a review.

The only redeeming value this review has going for it is the fact that it spoils nothing about the film, and the main problem with the review is that it tells you nothing about the film. You shouldn’t just avoid this review, you should just block the website to ensure you may never have to read this drivel that a bored middle schooler could write in their downtime.    

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