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Chris Hewitt’s “Kick-Ass 2’ Review” Only Covers the Basics, But

In response to Chris Hewitt (St. Paul)’s 199‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on St. Paul Pioneer Press

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The latest piece of work from Chris Hewitt covers the basics and is crisp with precision.

The hilarious opening one-liner is a wise choice for Hewitt, as he pulls the reader in and sets the tone. The pace remains steady and strong as the virtues and attributes of characters are introduced, just as one may meet them at a party without having to hear their life story.

In this cinematic journey, the stage has been set as Hewitt swoops in to lead the reader down the road of truth.  By the middle, another poignant paragraph is employed to commend the film’s applaudable attributes, but also evokes feelings of disgust at the visuals and offensive story-telling.

Hewitt writes with tenacity and vigor as he addresses the director’s problematic vision for the sequel, and the disastrous techniques used to replicate the adolescent vibe of recent films.  

The curious case of violence in cinema is ultimately embraced by the author, and he brilliantly reminds the reader of those brave souls who successfully saw the light and darkness in their visionary works.

Hewitt’s bold statements ring out like echoes, and his valiant words stand strong like so many warriors.  This is a single-minded and well-executed review.    

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