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“Film Review…” Is Jason Best’s Love Letter to Himself

In response to Jason Best’s 485‑word review of The Counselor on Movie Talk

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In “Film review | The Counsellor – Greed isn’t good for Michael Fassbender in Cormac McCarthy’s bleak world,” Jason Best composes a thesis that is as shameless and devoid of morals as its host material.

From the moment the piece commences, it is clear the author has his own agenda. It is not to inform and enlighten the audience, while relaying his personal opinion on the source material. Nay, it is to relay his exemplary ability as a writer while only appearing to address his source material. Such writing is not writing, it is ego—simple and plain. And it is as revolting as it is useless.

The end does not come soon enough when perusing this blowhard’s overblown tome. Rarely has so much embellishment and wordplay been utilized for so little purpose beyond showcasing the author’s obviously lofty self-esteem. Confidence in writing is one thing, but when it transcends into cockiness, it turns an otherwise decent analysis into an overbearing self-promotional advertisement. Alas, this “strategy”, which is dreadfully ineffective, will only garner the author alienation from an audience who will quickly become wise to his preening narcissism.

Sad is the time the audience lives in when someone as talented as Best thinks that flexing his oratorical muscle is sufficient to woo the powerless reader who, in his mind, is too naive to know better. Lamentably, as he looks for them in his rear view mirror hoping to witness their astonished approval of his latest offering, he will find nothing staring back but his own vain reflection.    

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